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We are the manufacturer of the most accessible SLS 3D Printing Solution. Now you can take advantage of Sinterit’s quality if you are not ready yet to buy a printer.

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What can we print

Selective Laser Sintering operation principle is powder sintering with the help of infrared laser in elevated temperature which helps the grains of the powder to consolidate before being bound with the laser beam. The object is shaped layer-by-layer and is self-supported by surrounding powder. There is no need to use support structures and the moving parts can be printed in one go. That makes it perfect for prototyping or low volume production.

Step by step

Your files and ideas remain secure
We care about confidentiality of your projects during the whole process. We use the most reliable solutions to make sure that everything you ever entrust us with, remains safe. All the people we cooperate with, must sign a non-disclosure agreement. Our systems are based on Google infrastructure.

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    Advantages of SLS technology

    Max. print volume

    PA: 110x160x230 [mm] (4.33 x 6.33 x 9.06 [in]), TPU: 110x160x245 [mm] (4.33 x 6.33 x 9.65 [in])
    Take advantage of the outstanding print volume of Sinterit Lisa Pro. The best solution for larger models, up to 313 mm diagonally, depending on the material.

    Materials matching all industries

    Choose between six polymer materials.
    From sitff and robust PA11 Onyx and PA12 Smooth to soft and elastic TPUs and TPE.

    PA12 Smooth

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    PA11 Onyx

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    FLEXA Grey

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    FLEXA Soft

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    FLEXA Bright

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    PA11 ESD

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