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We are a manufacturer of accessible SLS 3D Printing solutions. When we created our first small SLS 3D printer, Sinterit Lisa in 2014, it was a great challenge, as desktop SLS 3D printers did not yet exist. And the game was afoot. After years we gathered the knowledge from Lisa users and the newly created market. That led us to introduce in 2018 the more advanced Lisa Pro.

The most available SLS 3D printing solution

Now, we know even more about the SLS technology, but mostly, about the user experience. This is why we see SLS as a whole end-to-end solution. Sinterit makes it one of the easiest and cleanest SLS 3D printing solutions on the market.

We decided to start a service center to give access to this amazing 3D printing technology to those who, for some reasons, can’t buy a 3D printer at the moment. And for those wanting to test the SLS solution in a long distance use, before deciding to buy.